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Hey, friends! You might be wondering what this site is all about? Maybe you’ve been browsing a while but you want to learn more, or maybe you landed here randomly because it was your internet browsing destiny for today. Either way, we’re glad you are here. We are sister team, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. If you’re new, Elsie has dark hair and Emma has blonde/brown hair (she doesn’t know the ombre trend is WAY over yet… don’t tell her). Elsie founded A Beautiful Mess back in 2007 as a personal blog. She never intended for it to grow into anything else, at least not at first. Emma started a food blog a couple years later and it wasn’t until 2010 that they decided to combine their efforts into one blog, this one here, and the rest is history.

Over the years the sisters have shared MANY (maybe too many?) posts. Mostly about crafts, home decor, and cooking. As the site grew into a small business they added onto their team, so there are many writers you’ll see on ABM as well as others who work behind the scenes. The aim is to share the best content possible in the hopes that you’ll find something useful here, or get inspired to go do your own thing. If you haven’t guessed by now A Beautiful Mess is all about living a creative, and sometimes messy, life.


If you are new or newer, here are some must-not-miss posts as well as a few more personal things in case you’re into that. 🙂

Do you like to make jewelry? Yeah, us too.
We’ve got some awesome stuff in our sewing archives! No matter if you’re an expert on a sewing machine or prefer to hand-stitch we got you covered.
Ever wanted to make some DIY furniture or easy wood working projects? We’ll show you some fun things to try, don’t be scared.
Do you like scrapbooking, stationary, and paper crafts? (You can’t see it but we are raising our hands high!)

Home Decor:
If you are looking for some great renter-friendly home decor projects then look no more!
We also have a whole archive of projects for small spaces.
Or maybe you just want to browse Emma’s and Elsie’s home tours, or our (amazing) archive of featured homes. Major inspiration vibes!
And check out that time that Elsie helped Kacey Musgraves makeover her living room (spoiler: there’s PINK)

We love sharing easy, at home cocktail recipes. Check out our archive here..
But if you’re in need of something healthy, we feel you, check out these recipes. Yum!
And after all that healthy eating we’d say you’ve earned a dessert! See some of our favorites here.
But if you need some lighter dessert options, try these.
Also, our favorite meal is brunch. So, we’ve got some great breakfast recipes as well.

Blogging / Small Business Advice

Photography Tips & Tricks

A few personal things from Emma + Elsie:
Elsie’s wedding
Emma’s wedding
Emma on Changing Dreams
Elsie’s adoption announcement (!!!!!)
And if you want to read more about Emma, Elsie, or the ABM team just click the buttons below!

We hope you’ll stick around (aka click around… he he:) make some crafts and maybe sip a cocktail with us!


This has been fun! Thanks for taking a tour of our site! We’re glad you are here.

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xoxo. Elsie + Emma