#Elsiesnashvillebnb Bathroom Tour (Before + After)

Hello friends! I am so excited to share my final room tour of 2017 with you today. This year has been incredible!! I learned so much and had an amazing time working on this project house. This post is sponsored by Delta Faucet and these faucets are available at The Home Depot. You all know by now I have an ongoing love for these faucets in both my personal home and at the bnb home. They are amazing quality as well as super good looking, and they’re really affordable compared to the other really good looking brands (cough cough) that I considered. So I kept coming back to them over and over, long before they became our sponsor!

Earlier this year, I worked with them to renovate the master bathroom as well as the kitchen this past month. I chose matte black faucets and hardware throughout the entire home and I LOVED working with a high contrast color story in this space. I’m so happy I decided to branch out beyond my typical brass + pink + white color scheme.

This bathroom was challenging. I will be honest, when we started off it was one of the worst rooms in the house. It 100 percent needed a makeover, but as we got deeper into this renovation, I realized that we didn’t have the time OR money to fully remodel the room. Instead, we needed to do as much DIY as possible to keep the budget reasonable.

Alright … well, you know what time it is! Time for a walk down memory lane. You can see a full “before” tour of this home here.

As you can see from this photo, we didn’t reconfigure this room in any way. Instead, we chose to refinish it and make it the best it could be on the budget (and time) we had. We chose new tile that was cute, but more on the low end of the tile price range spectrum. Then we opted to install it DIY-style, which Collin did. It was his first tile job ever. He learned from YouTube and online DIYs. And the result is pretty darn GREAT. To me, this is just another testament that you can learn to do anything from the internet if you have the right attitude, patience and focus. Because we went the DIY route, we were able to retile this small bathroom (it’s smaller than it looks) for around $500.

If you’re interested in learning anything about tiling, here’s our beginner’s guide to tile laying.

Originally, when I was getting this project quoted, I planned to remove the older bathtub and replace it with a shower and glass door. While this would have been modern and nice, we saved A LOT of money by opting for a bathtub paint kit instead, which only cost $50. In the end, I am SO PLEASED with the result.

Replacing the plastic shower surround with real tile that went all the way to the ceiling really helped the space look more expensive and, of course, the Delta shower + tub faucet set is SO good looking. The whole renovation looks a lot more expensive than it really was.

Finally, the real difference in this space is just making the decor a bit more intentional and finding things that best fit the space. The space is SMALL (like I said, it really is much smaller than it looks—these photos were taken with a wide angle lens), so finding little ways to optimize the space was important. These tiny toilet cabinets can be awkward. Unless you absolutely need the storage, I would skip them since they don’t hold much anyway. Since we added a new vanity with storage, I didn’t feel bad saying goodbye to this little guy.

I always think bathroom curtains are really awkward! In my personal home, they’re the only curtains that don’t match the rest of the house. I personally think the short curtains in the before pic are ugly, but they also still stick out just as much as full length curtains (and toilets always seem to be super close to windows so if you’re sitting there it could feel like a curtain was way up in your face … no good). For these situations, you have to get creative. Here, we opted for a long curtain that went to the ground, but it didn’t feel right. So we added a curtain hook and it looks (and feels) SO much better.

Here are some more images …

Just admiring that tile. It was Collin’s first solo tile job! I am so proud of him!

We chose this tiny hexagon floor tile as a nod to the 1930s when this home was built. I love it so much! Ahhh … that “above the toilet” art moment. It’s important to make this space either a nice art moment, something pretty or much needed storage is also great. There are so many ugly “above the toilet” shelves … and WHY? Just keep it simple.   These makeup wash cloths are GENIUS for any guest bathroom. Love them! I was so happy about these hair dryer bags as well. Such an easy way to make a guest bathroom feel more hotel-like. Normally, I would hide away the spare toilet paper in a cabinet or closet. But in a bnb (or guest bathroom) situation, I really think it’s worth it to just make it simple and accessible! Why not? And a cute basket doesn’t hurt.   I felt so lucky to find a vintage rug that perfectly fit the color scheme. I was worried any rug would be too busy with the patterned floor, but I love it SO MUCH. I am so in love with the light in this room! Actually the whole house. It’s so nice! The morning light is SO pretty. So we decided on a soft, diffused curtain for privacy, yet not total darkness.

Source list: Vanity faucet/Delta, shower + tub faucet set/Delta, toilet paper holder/Delta, robe hook (I used it for the hand towel)/Delta, vanity/Wayfair (This has a real marble top and is so pretty! I highly recommend.), light fixture/Wayfair, Subway tile/Home Depot, Daisy hexagon tile/Home Depot, vintage rug/Apple + Oak, Shower Curtain and Curtain, soap dispenser, towels/Target, mirror/Target (we spray painted it matte black), art print/Jenny’s Print Shop, makeup wash cloth (perfect for any guest room!)/Amazon, hair dryer bag (set of two)/Amazon.

The green paint color is Thunderbolt by Valspar, once again. We’ve now used it in a bedroom, another bathroom, the kitchen and here in this bathroom. I am thinking about using it in one more room (the laundry room, which is still in progress). I feel like I really bonded with this color scheme … it’s a good one!

Well, thank you so much for following along! I hope this renovation has been as fun for you to read as it was for us to work on. We had the best time! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.