Laura’s Palm Springs Themed Baby Shower

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful MessLet me start off by saying, Laura and I have been planning each other’s baby showers for no less than three years now. So it’s a dream come true that this stage in our lives is finally here!

I wanted Laura’s shower to be a day she would never forget and that would reflect her style as much as possible. So I filled the house with pink (not hard to do) Palm Springs inspiration (even easier), and more sugar than I even knew was possible (that part was more for her husband, Todd).

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess The succulent and cactus theme for the desserts was so much fun. I hired Leeuw Bakeshop here in Nashville to create these beautiful treats. Her husband even created a cookie cutter from scratch to make these classic car cookies… above and beyond! I was blown away.

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Haha—sorry for the bra straps, but here’s a pic from getting ready. I decided not to hire a photographer for this party because I wanted to make sure it felt personal and not like a “blog photo shoot”. So we kind of just all tag teamed snapping photos.

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess The sugar cookies definitely stole the show and were gone SO FAST. They were delicious.

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess The only thing cuter than those treats is Laura (and #gummerbaby too!). So gorgeous!!

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess There were SO many cute little baby things… it was just insane!

Fun fact—Laura won’t allow me to see her nursery (like I can’t go into the room, and she won’t show me any photos) because she wants it to be a big surprise. Haha! I feel like it’s going to be like an HGTV reveal… except her house! She’s the best at making everything a surprise and a big event (and I can’t keep a secret to save my life).

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess On the menu we had a big cheese spread, the treats (which you’ve seen) and a mimosa bar (champagne optional, of course). We also had Laura’s mother’s famous chicken ball. So good!

Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess Palm Springs Theme Baby Shower via A Beautiful Mess The cactus balloons came from Studio DIY and the rest came from this incredible local shop in East Nashville called Harlan Ruby. Oh and Laura’s dress is from here (it’s not maternity).

The shower was so much fun. We all ate too many cookies and had the best afternoon celebrating this beautiful family!

Please take a moment to leave Laura a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! This season is so full of love and excitement. We can’t wait to meet baby girl in May! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Elsie Larson, Sarah Blumer and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

  • Congratulations on your growing family, Laura! I love seeing all of the happy celebrations you guys post! You all are the best at throwing amazing parties from the looks of it. 🙂

  • Cutest shower I’ve ever seen!! Congratulations Laura and Gummerbaby! I hope it was wonderful for ya’ll ladies to celebrate together. Now I want to #eatallthecookies

  • This shower is super cute! Also, that dress!!!! Going to get it now. Was pretty skeptical about that site but I’ll give it a shot now. Loved everything about this shower!

  • I love everything about this! I have been looking forward to seeing the photos from Laura’s shower all weekend, because I knew between Elsie being the host and Laura being the beautiful mama-to-be that it would be an amazing shower! I can’t wait to see Laura’s shower for Elsie! Congratulations to both of you mamas! I’m expecting my first bebe in June this year, so it has been so much fun keeping up with your personal blogs because we moved two weeks before finding out we were pregnant and being an introvert, I still haven’t made any girl friends yet. I’m so happy for both of you. What a wonderful year.
    Love from Alabama!

  • Congratulations, Laura and Todd!!! 🙂 This is SUCH a fun shower theme. This is actually our baby’s nursery theme, so I was so excited to see this inspiration!

  • I love this! I love how you had a theme, but it doesn’t seem over the top. Seems very doable, cake, treats, balloons and minimal decor!

  • Love all the pictures! The sweet treats are on another level. Congrats Laura and Todd! Can’t wait for the nursery reveal!

  • Love all of this! Such great ideas! Congrats Laura, may your growing family be blessed ❤️

  • This is absolutely the cutest baby shower I have ever seen. I really appreciate that you went all out, every space had a unique touch; from treats to home decorations!Any tips for planning a baby shower for a boy?

  • Aw, Amanda! It’s not easy to get out there as an introvert (take it from me who is one!) but it’s worth the time and energy to find some other mamas around—I swear! Hope you find some gal pals soon to support your journey! Congrats to you!

    Laura 🙂

  • Laura, you are just glowing! Congratulations and can’t wait to e-meet your little #gummerbaby! (And to see the nursery!)

  • Congratulations, Laura! I hope #gummerbaby is born on May 12! My son was born on May 12 last year. Babies are the best! By the way, you look AH-MAZINGGG.

  • This is all so beautiful! Congratulations Laura! You are killing it in this dress too! You’re almost there – yay!

    Wow you guys are just too cute, this is the sweetest thing ever to do for your friend and I have totally loved seeing pics on instagram and now the full blog post has just blown me away.

    I wish the #Gummerfamily the absolute happiest days ever ahead and to the Larsons too when your adoption goes through, you guys are all clearly amazing, caring friends which I think shows that you will be amazing caring parents.


  • Congratulations Laura!!
    The cupcakes look divine and I love the balloons so so much!

  • Holy moly! What a gorgeous set of baby shower goodies – I CANNOT get over those cupcakes that look like actual succulents, so blown away!

  • Such a beautiful shower! Laura, I wish you from everything only the best! Greets and Hugs from Germany

    PS: @Elsie – great job!!!

  • Congrats, Laura! You look lovely.

    And Elsie i love that you didn’t hire a photographer and kept it personal for Laura. You are so thoughtful!


  • Best shower theme ever! You did an amazing job, Elsie!

    And Laura, you look so cute and chic. Congratulations once again. Enjoy this little bit of of the stretch before your baby girl is here! <3

  • Congratulations Laura!!! Also, what an amazing shower! Those succulent cupcakes, and the macaron cacti…my jaw is on the floor. So beautiful!

  • Congratulations! I love those cactus/succulent treats. I almost wouldn’t want to eat some of the cupcake tops–they’re too pretty and too realistic-looking!

  • Does this mean you will be posting lots of breastfeeding aid recipes soon? (in case you will BF:) Congratulations to both of you. I have been following you for a while now here in my little corner in tropical Philippines. Mabuhay!

  • Probably the cutest themed shower I’ve ever seen. The cake and cookies are so awesome! Congrats Laura 🙂

  • HUGE Congrats to the beautiful mama to be!!!
    Laura’s little babe is SO lucky to have such stellar parents and friends 🙂
    Best of luck with everything!

    Olivia (
    p.s. SERIOUSLY envious of all the sweets, my mouth is watering over here…

  • Please please pleeease can Laura do a post about her maternity fashion? Especially non-maternity clothes that she can mix in? That dress is seriously adorable.

  • Elsie you did such a fantastic job! The baby shower looks so good as well as the photos, glad you decided not to use a professional photographer. Laura, you look amazing, congrats on your growing family!!

  • To cute! I love themed baby showers that aren’t ‘baby’ themed. Like a stork or baby animals. Mine was was like Midwest rustic. I had cupcakes that looked like apples and others that looked liked pies. Then I had mini pies on a stick. It was a big hit.

  • Huge congrats on Gummerbaby!! I was born in May as well; the best time of the year, for sure 😉
    Laura, you look radiant and that dress is lovely <3

    Kudos to Elsie! The Shower looks a-ma-zing. The succulent cupcakes are my favourite.

    Also, I've been offline for a while and I was pleaseantly surprised to see the new layout and design of AMB! I LOVE IT <3 It's cleaner and fresher than the previous one. Beautiful 🙂