The Perfect Summer Braid

Summer mixed texture braid (click-through for the tutorial)Summer really is the season of the braid. I love the way braids look in all seasons, probably because I still remember what it felt like when I had a pixie cut a few years ago and had so much hair envy for long-haired ladies! There’s really not much styling you can do with a pixie cut. Of course now that I have long hair, I realize that braids aren’t just a chic summer hairstyle; they’re also practical. Long hair gets hot! Some of the best summer braids aren’t one braid but actually a combination of several braid styles – like the one I’m showing you how to create today. It should keep you cool through the latest heatwave.Summer mixed texture braid (click-through for the tutorial)Step One: Start by creating a Dutch braid. A Dutch braid is just an inside-out French braid. So create this style by starting with three small sections of hair and cross the sections under one another rather than over. (Confusing? Find full instructions for a Dutch braid here.)

Step Two: End your Dutch braid at the nape of your neck and tie off with an elastic. 

Step Three: Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your elastic and pin in place with a bobby pin pointed vertically towards your head (double up on bobby pins if it doesn’t feel secure).

Step Four: Split your ponytail into two even sections and make a fishtail braid. Take a small piece of hair from the outside of your right section and cross it over to your left section, pull tight. Repeat on the left side taking a small piece of hair from the outside and crossing it to the right, pull tight. Repeat to the end of your hair and tie off with an elastic

Step Five: Pancake and mess it up a bit. Pull on the outer edges of your fishtail braid to make it a bit fuller.

 Summer mixed texture braid (click-through for the full tutorial)That’s it! Once you’ve mastered a couple of different braiding techniques, mixing them together is easy and really ups your braid game! If you struggle with braids, you could also try combining a couple of faux braid styles like the pull-through braid into a faux fishtail. Don’t worry either if your braids end up a bit messy; I think messy braids with layered pieces sticking out are some of the chicest styles! Besides, at the end of a full summer day, everyone’s braid should look messy from their adventures. Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.