Progress Report: Dining Room Wallpaper

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful MessI am soooo excited to share today's progress report! Especially since the last time you saw this room it looked like this!


BeforeAnd….. PROGRESS: 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess      Well, well, well… How the turn tables have turned. 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess We knew all along that we wanted to do a wallpaper in the dining room. I debated long and hard between a more neutral, subtle design (easier to change up, dress for holidays, parties etc.) or a more committed, intense design (the kind that makes people come over for brunch JUST to take an Instagram photo by your wallpaper… but it's scary because "what if I get tired of it?"). 

Can you guess which route we went with? 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess  ALL in

Our wallpaper is from Spoonflower. They sell fully removable, custom-printed wallpaper. The peel and stick kind is more like a sticker and has a bit of a canvas texture. This is the water activated kind. It looks and feels like traditional wallpaper. 

A lot of people have asked me how I "talked" Jeremy into such bold wallpaper. What's funny is that he actually chose this wallpaper himself! I had narrowed it down to about five or six choices, and when I showed him, he hated them ALL except for this one.

I was, of course, thrilled!

The design we chose is Redoute Rose-Hot Pink by Peacoquette Designs. I liked it because it reminded me of one of the wallpapers I saw in photos of The Greenbrier Hotel, and Dorothy Draper is definitely one of my inspirations for this house (although this is BY FAR the most gutsy room in our house, the rest are mostly just white). 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess   I'm really looking forward to decorating this room next because it really doesn't need much. Just some neutral texture and functional details. I'm thinking a big mirror above that small cart and maybe a big neutral tapestry above the wine cabinet? I think I'm going to need to live with it empty-ish like this for a couple weeks before I'll be able to tell what else the room needs. Although, if it's glaringly obvious to YOU, then I want to hear what you think. πŸ™‚

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess    This light MAKES the space. I cannot express in words how much I love this thing. 

I got it from Shop Candelabra and it's huge! It really balances the space above our big dining room table (our table is DIY if you were curious). And it has a dimmer switch, so it looks really pretty at night too. 

I feel like the wallpaper and fixture vibe VERY well together. And even though they're both new, I like that it's not completely unbelievable that they're from the 1970s, when the house was built. 

That reminds me! If you haven't read my articlesβ€”Brass Light Fixtures For Every Budget or 10 Awesome DIY Brass Light Fixtures, hop on over there! I get real SERIOUS about brass. 

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess     The rug was a big choice. Here's what went into our selectionβ€”

-I had to factor in size, it had to be HUGE because of how the herringbone wood runs. You can see it here if you're curious. If we had gotten an 8×10 rug it would have been large enough for the table and room, but because of the way the wood floors are laid, it would have looked really awkward. So we had to size up to 9×12 to make sure it was long enough. 

-I looked at dark rugs, and no matter how much I tried to be "practical", I just did not want a dark rug for this space. And a colorful rug was out the question because it would be right next to the turquoise floor (this was before I had picked the wallpaper, it would have been weird with that too). So I really fell in love with this simple Marrakesh Shag Rug. Like, IN LOVE. 

-In regards to care, I'm sure you're like, "Are you crazy???" And that's a valid question. It's a white rug underneath a dining room table; I get your concern. πŸ™‚ So, first of all, I've had flokati rugs in high traffic areas before. I know how easily they get dirty and I know how to clean them. (I once "trimmed" red nail polish out of one… Haha.) And since they are made of natural fibers (wool), I actually think they are much easier to clean than flat weave rugs… and more forgiving with how they age. ALSO, we decided that when/if we get to bring home a baby, that we're going to put the high chair in the breakfast nook. It's more practical in there anyway since it's close to the kitchen. So basically this is more of a "formal dining room" (although I hate to call it that!). So far we've found ourselves eating in the breakfast nook and using the dining room more when we have guests over (which, to be fair, has been almost every other week). OK, I think I thoroughly over-explained that. Moving on. 

I love this rug. It's so so pretty and comfy.  

Dining Room Wallpaper via A Beautiful Mess       Here's a quick look at the view into the turquoise room (our sofas for that room are on the way, so I'll be sharing more progress there soon!).

This wallpaper was definitely a game changer. I feel like it demands a HUGE amount of attention and suddenly a lot of other rooms I was worried were "too boring" feel totally fine now. I like that. It's like we have our statement piece taken care of, and now I can go a little more mellow in some of the surrounding living spaces. The thought of that feels perfectly refreshing to me! 

On a personal noteβ€”I have to say, I'm LOVING sharing a lot of progress reports and unfinished details of our home with you. In the past I always waited until it was completely done to share, and as a result, there were more than a few rooms in my last house that I NEVER shared. It feels really good to be sharing all the baby steps this time. So far, I feel like it's motivating me more and I definitely feel more connected with you guys by sharing all the in-between stages. xx- Elsie 

ps. EVERYONE is invited over for brunch in our new crazy dining room!!! 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • OMG Elsie. Oh. My. GAWD it looks so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it. It’s so so beautiful and looks SO glorious flowing into the turquoise floor. You done good lady! ADORE ADORE and bazillion thumbs-up, hands-high emojis!

  • Seriously so pretty!!! I’ve been ridiculously excited to see the wallpaper up on your walls! Maybe I’ve got issues, but this little update made my morning:) I’m sure I’ll be clicking back to this several more times today just to smile at your beautiful walls!!!

  • Girl. I so rarely comment here but I have to say I’m loving your progress reports as well. Wish we were buds so I could come take your portrait by that dang wallpaper (and with that natural light in there too, yow!).

  • Woh super bold but super nice too!!! I love it! And the rug too.. can not wait to see more! Thanks for sharing all of this, it really inspires me for my future dream home!



  • Your wallpaper choice is brilliant in a room filled with so much natural light. The furniture and lighting choices also let the pattern take center stage while adding to the sleek and chic styling. I love the look!

  • What a stunning room! I think the wallpaper is a beautiful choice. It seems like the right kind of bold.

    I appreciate you sharing the in-between parts of styling/decorating your house because it feels so much more realistic than just seeing a perfect final product (though I love those too!). I also appreciate hearing about how you and Jeremy work together with house stuff πŸ™‚

  • I love how bold this is! This is definitely a room that people will want to sit and converse in. I would be too afraid to do this – not because of the print, which I love – but isn’t wallpaper so much work??? Ugh. I’m allergic to things that take too much work πŸ˜‰

  • Looks so amazing! I always love when you and Emma share home decor. You should totally have your own HGTV show and makeover house!

  • This is really lovely. I like that you went with a statement. After all, this is your home and it FEELS like your house, right? It seems like it. I know during any remodeling or redesigns people have a lot of passionate opinions about what is “right” or “wrong” but you have to follow your heart. I mean… you have here, and it paid off. I’ll be over in two shakes of a lambs tail.

  • I love this so much. And I really admire that you’re going to keep it more calm in other rooms. These progress reports make my day whenever you post them. It’s so fun seeing into your space as it develops.

  • Hey Elsie! Quick question for you. I notice that you tend to buy fairly expensive staple pieces for your home (IMO). Do you budget for these types of items or do you just know what you like and buy what fits your style? I’m a 20-something who lives with my boyfriend and both of us have fairly good paying jobs, but I just don’t think we could afford some of the items you have purchased in the past so I’m just curious how you’re able to do it! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I really love the wallpaper. It’s a great look. So is the rug. I look at it and think I could never due to having three pretty crazy boys around the house. But if I could get my husband to agree, heck yes. All the pink roses. EVERYWHERE.

  • WOW! It looks amazing, Elsie! It is so lovely and timeless without being overly girly. And kudos to Jeremy for his support, gotta love a guy who not only feels comfortable in such a sophisticated space but would actually CHOOSE something so very femininely beautiful to live with daily-that takes a lot of confidence! But then again, he chose you so we already knew he had good taste πŸ˜‰ The Rose Room definitely needs greenery (fiddle leaf, maybe?) some big black and white art on the wall and the mirror is a must. Way to do it big!

  • I can understand your reasons for going bold with that wallpaper, and it does look pretty. But I think in about 10 years you are going to hate it and be so ready to get rid of it. How do you factor in changing tastes and styles over time when making big decorating decisions?

  • this is so gorgeous, i can’t even stand it. i just retweeted it on twitter saying it reminds me of my favorite designer’s house – cath kidston! so classic but bright and happy and… just oh wow. i’m not usually house jealous – but this wallpaper has me JELLLLLLLLLLLLLLous ;D <3

  • I love the wallpaper. I chose a bold one in the dining room of a previous house and we never got sick of it. I do fear for your white rug though! I have two kids and a dog and that would stay pristine approximately 5 seconds. I’m so glad someone else can have it because it’s very pretty. I just know my limitations!

  • i always think that stuff too, julia! i have 4 dogs and i love letting them be dirty, happy monsters – which is why i love drooling over rooms like this online, because my house is wood floors and a broom! lol!

  • Yes! I immediately thought of the Greenbriar when you first shared this wallpaper as your choice on either Snapchat or Insta. I love the look– it’s balanced and a nice throwback to classic Southern style but not too overbearing. I think it will age well!

  • I love that you are sharing the baby steps instead of just the big “after”. And holy Batman that dining room is killer.

  • Thank you Emma!
    Before we had this up I was honestly worried that our house was too boring and too safe, but I feel like this gave it such a STRONG/crazy room that I don’t care anymore if some of the other rooms are more mellow… or mostly white. Excited about that!
    xx- Elsie

  • Honey, I don’t know how you could ever think for one minute that your house was too boring or safe with a turquoise floor and wallpaper that bright and uber bold!!! It’s not for me in large doses, but I admire how you are leaping into making this house your own.

  • I can’t believe you painted your dining room table which I thought was gorgeous before –but I still love it! The way the glossy finish reflects the wallpaper and all the light is stunning. I anxiously await more room updates – they are my favourite!

  • So thrilled to see my design in your lovely house! I am so excited to know that my fellow Nashvillians will get to brunch surrounded by my roses! This makes my day! I hope your readers will contact me about getting their own customized version! I did a yellow version for a Texan and a leopard background for a rockabilly filly.

  • Wow! This room is stunning. I would come over for brunch to have an Instagram photo taken in front of it. I envision your table setting to have vintage floral linens turned into napkins. As small print that isn’t overwhelming to works in this space.

  • I love the bold wallpaper! Thumbs up! The room looks great, I’d totally come over for dinner to see the wallpaper, haha. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the other rooms.
    Also, you could call it “the dinner party room” instead of formal dining room πŸ˜‰

  • I love it! The fact that there is a white background a beautiful light are big factors too, but I LOVE big pink florals. And the light fixture and nearby turquoise floor – perfect.

  • Wonderful!! I can’t wait till I have a dining room so I can have amazing wallpaper and light fixtures πŸ™‚ It’s beautiful!!

  • Thanks! I painted in my last house when we put wood on the dining room walls (it was TOO much wood) but I really like it better painted. It’s MUCH easier to clean and wipe up now. πŸ™‚
    xx- Elsie

  • What a bold a fabulous choice. When I first saw you post something about the wallpaper, i wasn’t so sure, but it looks great! And the rug is perfect.

    Thanks so much for sharing the in between progress reports. They are really fun and informative to follow.

  • Totally!! I’m in a zone now where I no that not very many rugs last more than 5 years for MANY reasons. I would love it if they did and I hope to keep the ones we’ve just bought for a long time, but it’s not something I’m super stressed about.

    Our dogs are doing MUCH better in this house than our last house. I think because we’re home a lot more to make sure they go out constantly. :))

    Anyway! In a couple years we’ll see if I regret this or not, but I’m enjoying it right now! :)) So far it’s been down for about two months.

  • I think you could be right. 10 years is a LONG time. I could have a completely different style by then. I would hate the wallpaper that I would have chose at age 23 now. It would probably have owls on it.


    Bold choices are a calculated risk. You DO risk getting sick of it. But I also think that safe choices are a risk, because you might regret it and wish you would have gone for something more exciting. So my strategy (and best advice for people wanting to make risky choices) is to do then in the lower traffic rooms.

    Once more of my tours are up and you can really see it all TOGETHER, you’ll see that our main living room (den), kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are VERY neutral. And those are the rooms were we spend the most time. I think if I did a super bold kitchen I would regret it way more… it’s all a big balancing act!

    xx- Elsie

  • Hey Erin!
    I completely agree. I am still shocked Jeremy picked it (and he LOVES it).

    I agree about the fig tree. I just moved ours in there to test it out… thinking I need two, on both sides of the room! Thanks for your thoughts!

    xx- Elsie

  • So great! I’d love to see a post on the other 4 wallpapers you considered that didn’t make the cut.

  • I absolutely LOVE that wallpaper! I’d actually be so scared to go with something that bold, but I really like the way it’s turned out! I’ve wanted one of those rugs for so long in our living room, but unfortunately they’re hard to find in the UK for a decent price and shipping charges from the US are so expensive, so I’ll just enjoy yours for now hah!
    I’m really loving these progress reports too! It’s always nice to see peeks into other people’s homes, especially during the decorating stages!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • I feel like if you were to just tell me about all these different elements, I would have thought that you were crazy. But looking at it–it’s STUNNING! It’s one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever seen! You’ve got such a beautiful instinct for these things.

  • Are you doing all the trim painting yourself? My friend just got a quote to have all the trim in her house painted… and it was $6,000!! We are trying to figure out if this is something she can tackle herself to save some money. Thanks for sharing your update! I have so many pins of your house projects to keep in mind for my own “someday home”. πŸ™‚

  • PERFECTION!!!! It’s so beautiful! I am so happy you have this amazing room in your home to enjoy!!!

  • Hey Caroline,
    First of all- let me say that in our last house we didn’t spend as much on remodeling or furnishings and it was still really cute! You can truly create an amazing home on any budget!

    With that said, we do set aside a pretty big chunk of our monthly budget for home updates. The reason why is that we want to get it completed sooner (within the first two years of living here is our goal and that’s for indoor AND outdoor projects). In our last house we didn’t complete a couple rooms until we were almost ready to move and I really regretted that. So we’re focusing pretty hardcore on it now and in a couple years we will definitely shift some of that priority away from house updates and HOPEFULLY just be able to enjoy it for a while!

    Also, as someone who loves bargains and DIY I do prefer to spend more $$$$ on a few KEY pieces in each room. Sometimes it’s a light fixture, a rug or a piece or furniture. Then I spend WAY less on the rest. A lot of the places I shop have big sales, so a lot of stuff I know I can get up to 25% off. Also, I stalk eBay. There is one light fixture on my house that I paid full price for and the next month I saw the EXACT one on eBAY for half price. So always check there (and set alerts). There is always a way to find a better deal if you are willing to search and be patient!

    My best tip is to find the places where you can get inexpensive bargain pieces or DIY options to offset more expensive splurges. I would much rather do that that buy all brand new stuff at a middle priced store because a lot of the time that’s where everyone shops anyway! πŸ™‚

    Hope that is helpful. xx- Elsie

  • Wow! Yes, and the husband question was my first thought too! ….Well done you twos. I did one wee wall on a powder room and it was Major deciding what paper to choose. I went the ‘easy to live with and decorate’ route. That said, I do have in mind keeping colored pencils by it as a project for visitors once it’s a bit worn.
    I love seeing the as you go posts. You know, keeping it real for us peeps! …who’s to say what you will do next, but my two cents (be what they may!) (since you asked) is grounding the walls with some neutrals, not black or white, and not necessarily boring. …enjoy your new Happy Place!

  • I love it. But I gotta say the turquoise floor is calling my name!!
    Also did you or did you not throw down an Arrested Development quote?!? Hahaha I’m a fan too and it made me actually lol

  • Wow! Super bold but super nice! Im thinking to have one bold wallpaper in my house now πŸ˜€

    Anyway, i am waiting for your house tour. Super excited!

  • Love it! Do we get to hear about the other wallpapers that didn’t make the cut? Even if they weren’t Jeremy’s favourite I could use the “print-spiration”! πŸ˜‰

  • What a showstopper! That wallpaper is amazing. I’ve been so curious about the quality of spoon flower’s wall paper. Good to hear you like it. Great blog:) Have some fun interior posts up as well.

  • Your home updates make me so impatient for the time in my life where I have a place I can make my own! So gorgeous.

  • Such an amazing choice! I look at it and think that I could never pull it off in the house we are in… maybe one day in our next place. And those doors: 😍. I am in love. I have always adored the classic 5 panel, but your doors are basically my dreams in reality.

    Looking forward to seeing more updates! (And finished projects too!)

  • i lost for words!
    if only you miles away from me.. too bad i am in Jakarta, Indonesia which thousand and thousand miles away πŸ™

  • It’s nice! They do samples, so make sure and order samples of any patterns you are interested in! It’s hard to tell from the website. We ordered about 10 different samples and it was super helpful.

    xx- Elsie

  • Is it strange that your wallpaper reminds me of tattoos? Your decor already feels like ‘If Elsie were a house’…I don’t know how you do it, but I’m jealous. I keep trying to create a color story, but I just can’t commit!

  • Wow, what a stunning room. I love the wallpaper and the light. I also like the fact that you’ve papered the whole room rather than just a feature wall. Gorgeous. I would love to come for afternoon tea (bit of a trek though because I’m in London).

  • I would never have dared your choices. But is had turned out great. Just love it. And I also love your updates en blogs about it. So keep em coming.

  • That is a bold move. It’s cool though. I feel like I would get tired of such a patern very quickly but again, it’s a fully removable wallpaper which makes it less of an exhausting comittment in the long run. Now the rug is really nice (don’t get me wrong) but I feel sad that you covered up that gorgeous herringbone floor πŸ™ I wish I could have such a pretty floor and it would be magnificent all on it’s own so I think it’s a bit of a bummer that you went through the trouble of doing something so pretty and cover it all up with a carpet! Ah well. It’s all very nice looking anyway. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the progress.

  • You did good! πŸ˜‰ Everything is in balance – the bold, the white and the natural light. Thanks for sharing as you go, feels like I’m part of the story. And, I’m more productive rethinking my spaces after seeing yours!

  • Elsie, it’s amazing!I would be afraid too that the wall paper would be too intense and I’ll get tired of it, but when I see the pictures, I can only admire you and your briljant idea πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much Mary!! We were thinking of doing a TV show last year but ultimately decided we couldn’t handle it. It sounds SO FUN though!
    xx- Elsie

  • That makes a lot of sense and is good advice! We just bought our first home and I feel overwhelmed with trying to decorate what is essentially a blank canvas. πŸ™‚

  • Something about the rug + wallpaper is not doing it for me, right now. BUT the beauty of this blog is that I get to see how you will undoubtedly tie the two together and the room will be the best. This is why I struggle. I want things to look complete every step of the way!!! LOL!

  • I just find the lookβ€”and commentaryβ€”on this very delightful. Thanks for sharing. I feel joy *for* you, total stranger. πŸ™‚ Beautiful.

  • Ugh, I love it so much!!! The moment I saw this pin on pinterest I KNEW it was in that glorious house of yours, because this wallpaper positively was created to BE in that house. And that lamp!! You are making all the right moves, girl!!! Keep up the good work!

  • This room is beautiful! Everything is so harmonious… And the light is simply AMAZING.

  • I’m enjoying your progress reports! Home Dec isn’t something that comes naturally to me, so it’s interesting to see the spaces come together. It makes the process seem much more doable. (I’m also glad you have an alternate space for a high chair if/when your family expands. My 7 month old hasn’t started throwing food on the floor yet, but I know it’s coming…)

  • Hello Elsie! As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, I saw your rug and I had to point you over to, an Etsy-like site that allows actual Moroccan artisans to display and sell their products without a middleman, thereby receiving all of the profits for their work. It is often significantly cheaper than going through an intermediate site as well. The Anou was originally started by two Peace Corps Volunteers, but is now run and operated primarily by Moroccans. Your rug is beautiful, but if you are interested in others like it (or other Moroccan handcrafts of any time, including lamps, paintings, carvings, etc.) you should check out the Anou!