Elsie’s Dining Room (BEFORE)

Elsie's Dining Room Before Hello! It's time to talk about the dining room. This room has so much potential. I really REALLY love it. 

These photos were taken on the day we bought the house in May. Some of the major changes we want to make are restaining the floors a light color (so you can really see the herringbone pattern in the wood). I want to do a bolder wallpaper (more thoughts on this wallpaper here), and I'm trying to decide whether or not to remove the chair rail. 

The wallpaper, rug and light fixture we picked out for this room are EPIC! I can't wait to see them all together! 

SmAR5A4792SmAR5A4796These doors go out to the sunroom. We removed the curtains and everything, but since the molding was built around them, it looks kind of funny now and we need to either repair it or put up some kind of curtains. Thoughts? 

You can tell it's going to be SO pretty, though, right? The light is so nice in this room! 

SmAR5A4789This chandelier is really pretty. It fit the previous owners' style perfectly. We decided to go with something more modern, though. I could write a million posts about how much harder it is to get rid of something you LIKE that doesn't quite fit than something that you really hate. I have weird guilt. I wish I could be Laura in moments like these (she's ruthless, you guys!), but I struggle. And then ultimately, I always get rid of it. Buh-bye pretty brass chandelier.  

Sm AR5A4791One last wallpaper photo. My mom tried to talk me into keeping it. But I think when you see what we picked instead you'll understand. It's SO SO different. Like two sisters who are both really pretty but would never ever EVER wear any of the same clothes. That's my analogy for these wallpapers.

Sm AR5A4798From here you can see into the living room. Since we did the bold turquoise floor, I want to be conscious of the colors I choose so they don't clash. 

Sigh! There is so much I want to do in this room! We decided to keep our DIY dining room table. It's crazy how much I still love that thing. I even spent an evening shopping for tables just to test my feelings and I couldn't find a single one I loved more for any price. That's love, you guys! 

I'm really excited about this space. It's going to be special. Kind of fancy (in a fun 1960s inspired way) but also cozy. I can't wait to share more!! xx. Elsie